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A graduate of Phillips Institute of Cosmetology and Wood Hygienic Institute and the Life Center for Wellbeing,  I am the proud owner of Harmony Healing & Wellness LLC.  I have a strong background in all aspects of managerial business and customer service.I pride myself in extending individual attention to each and every client.


I continued my education through theYoung Living Essential Oil company and also earned continuing education certifications through various levels of Reiki

including Usui, Shamballa, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki. I am now a certified Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher and have expanded my services to now offer Reiki Certification Classes.

I specialize in all the treatments we offer except massage.


My passion for a clients wellness of mind, body and soul was the very reason I created Harmony, Healing & Wellness. The very moment I know I have made a difference in helping a client decompress is when I know deep in my soul that I am exactly where I should be in life.

I  created the Natures Harmony skin care line after  many years of  using my own recipes of pure fruit, vegetable purees and olive oil, something that both my mother and grandmother used to do. The use of herbal remedies my family used was a strong infulence in creating my skincare line.


The Natures Harmony Signature Skin Care Line is made using  natural ingredients which prove to  be wonderful for healthy skin. I offer the line with my Signature Facial, as well as offer these products for purchase.

My most exciting and lastest endeavor was to create a CD of relaxing music for stress therapy. I had the honor of working with Dean and Dudley Everson and am proud to offer the Relaxing Harmony Music for Body, Mind and Soul. This CD is offered for your home enjoyment . You may purhcase this at the spa. 


What I believe:

I believe that when you are focused, work hard and have the passion and respect to help others you are truly rewarded in life.  Each and every day, I am thankful to be where I am in life.