​Frequently Asked Waxing Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about waxing including skin preparation, how long waxing will last, and who should not wax.  For any questions that are not answered in the following, please contact the spa (315) 777-4215.​

Why wax?
When you shave you are removing the hair from the surface of the skin only.  Hair generally grows back, often even the next day. When you wax hair, the wax removes the hair from the "root," therefore, removing the hair from beneath the surface of the skin. Regular waxing clients have found that the hair grown back is finer with waxing.

Is it painful?
Waxing is not painful.  You will feel a slight sting, however, this sensation is minimal and the feeling passes quickly.

How long does my hair need to be to be waxed?
Your hair should be a minimal 1/4 inch long.

What do I need to do to prepare for a waxing service?
You should not shave any areas that you wish to be waxed, You should also exfoliate the areas with body wash and either a washcloth or a body puff.

If I have my period can I receive waxing treatments?
Yes, provided you are not uncomfortable, such as bloating, etc.

If I am pregnant can I receive waxing treatments?
Only facial and underarm waxing services will be performed prior to the first trimester of your pregnancy. Once you are past 9 weeks, it is perfectly safe to provide waxing services. Please keep in mind that some individuals are more sensitive when pregnant. Please inform us if you are pregnant,

How long will the results last?
Typically, at least 2-3 weeks for a first-time waxing client.  You will find that the more that you wax the hair you may be able to go 4-5
weeks before touch-ups are needed.  We do suggest that you continue your touch ups at least 3-6 weeks apart. We suggest products available at the spa that can minimize hair re-growth. Please ask at your appointment for more information.

Who waxes?
Waxing services have become very popular for both men and women.  When Brazilian or bikini waxing services are performed disposable undergarments are provided for your modesty. We do not provide male brazillian waxing services.

Who should not wax?
If you are using  Acutane or have any circulation challenges we recommend should not wax. Those who have actively taken Acutane within the past 6 months can not be waxed.

Will the hair grow back darker after I wax?
No, this is a myth, the hair will come back lighter, softer and finer.

What if I am prone to ingrown hair?
You may still wax, however, we suggest that you exfoliate the skin and also follow up with a product specifically designed for ingrown hairs.  We do have the products available for purchase.

What products are used for waxing?
We use a hard wax for delicate waxing services, such as bikini and Brazilian waxing, and both honey and Azulene waxes for all other waxing services.  A disposable waxing stick is used for each dip into the wax, we do not "double dip" any of the wax stick.  Disposables are used for each clients as well as table paper for hygienic reasons.  All instruments such as scissors and tweezers are soaked in an OSHA approved solution.  We use cotton cloth to prep the skin and we also use both muslin and pelon strips to remove the hair with.

If I am allergic to bees can I still wax?
No, it is not advisable that you receive any waxing services, especially any product containing honey.

How long does it take for waxing services?

Usually eyebrow, lip, chin or underarm services take 10-15 minutes to perform.  Bikini, 1/2 leg, chest, and back can take up to 30 minutes and a full leg and Brazilian take at least 45 minutes to perform.

What is the difference between a bikini and a Brazilian wax?
A bikini wax line is the removal of the hair at the underwear line and a Brazilian is the removal of the hair leaving only a small strip in the frontal and rear sections.  Please indicate when making the appointment which Brazilian you wish so that adequate time is allowed.

If I have acne prone skin or present breakouts can I still be waxed?
No, we recommend that if you have problematic skin challenges that you do not wax until your condition is improved. If you are prone to ingrown hair, we provide for sale products that help minimize ingrown hairs..