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How my journey began....


My vision began with my compassion to help others in their pursuit of wellness.

I put the first step of that vision into play in June of 2008 where the incredible  journey of Harmony Day Spa LLC. began.

 I have a strong background in business and customer service, along with a passion for success which I feel has helped build a strong foundation for Harmony Day Spa. My dedication and sacrifice has all been part of this wonderful journey.   

While you are my guest, I will extend to you the personalized attention you so truly deserve. My mission is to provide you with a tranquil and serene atmosphere letting you escape from the everyday stresses of the world.

Wellness is paramount to me, and I take pride to offer holistic healing methods such as Reiki, Reiki Certification classes, IET Therapy, aromatherapy, sound healing, crystal stone therapy, individual metaphysical classes and teachings and spa services.

I truly believe in the body, mind and soul connection~ this is the very reason why I strive to offer you the most relaxing treatments.

During January 2020 I downsized the spa and no longer offer massage services. All other services are still offered. I work by myself which is the reason why I do not offer group services.

I look forward to working with you on your journey of healing.

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