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These body treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and your skin feeling silky smooth.    

​Body Treatments

Back Facial
$45 each session or 5 for $150 prepaid

Surrender your muscle tension and stress with this serene and comforting treatment. Warm massage oil infused with a combination of essential oils and warm stones are worked into the back, neck and shoulders easing all your worries away.

Full Body Facial
$65 or 5 for $300 prepaid

Extend your back facial into a full body facial. Similar to the back facial but includes the arms, back, scalp, shoulders, legs and feet. If you are looking for a blissful and centering treatment look no further.

Seaweed Wrap , Herbal Wrap or Hot Oil Wraps

All are detoxifying to help flush toxins from the body system and rejuvenate the skin. Let me help you decide which one best suits your needs. A dry brushing is performed to prepare the skin for circulation and detoxification. Depending on what is best for you, an application of seaweed, herbs or warm oils will be applied to your skin. While cocooned in warm sheets your body will start the detoxing process. Typically this service takes 60-75 minutes total for you to unwind and be at peace.

Prior to this service you should refrain from any alcohol, tobacco or processed foods.


With Add on Facial treatment
$ 125

An experience like no other. This sacred treatment is designed to center the body, mind and soul. Be at peace and harmony as this ancient ritual of herbs, oils and warm stones are laid upon the meridian points of the body all while warm coconut milk, Indian herbs, and essential oils are poured in a slow and steady stream on the forehead. It is best to leave the oils in the hair overnight and I will provide you with an utban powder that helps to wash the oils from the hair and leaves the hair with a beautiful and lustrous shine. Warm halotherapy is added to open up the energy centers of your being as well as a foot treatment utilizing a unique salt and essential oil blend.

Prepayment is required for this service and 48 hrs notice is required as well.


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