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Brazilian Waxing Information

​Why do women receive Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing has become a most popular esthetic service over that past 10 years with women.  Clothing manufacturing over the past decade has changed the designs of bathing suits as well as undergarments,  most women found that due to this change, it required that grooming such as waxing was needed.

​Who gets Brazilian waxing?
Women of all ages experience waxing services.  At Harmony Day Spa, we offer professional waxing services.


Bare Brazilian Waxing

There are two types of Brazilian waxing styles, the bare Brazilian which is where all the hair is removes including around the labia area, as well as around to the back area of the buttocks.

Strip Brazilian Waxing

The strip style is where a small strip approximately 2 inches wide by 2-4 inches long are left on the pubic area, if you wish we can also design a diamond or small triangle .

What should I do before having Brazilian waxing?

If you have genital jewelry, it must be removed or we will wax 1 inch around it. There are no exceptions to this policy.

We ask that you do not shave or groom the area to be waxed, as professionals, it is easier for us to trim if necessary before you waxing service.

If you have a challenge with ingrown hairs, we suggest facial acne pads. Applying daily after your bathing routine can significantly reduce ingrown hairs.

We do suggest that prior to your Brazilian waxing service that you exfoliate the area lightly with a soft loofah sponge or a washcloth- this practice will condition the skin for the service.

Does Brazilian waxing hurt?

Many new clients ask if the service hurts, with any waxing service you may feel a slight amount of discomfort~ the best way we can describe the feeling is like a minimal sting that quickly goes away. Our staff is trained to ensure your comfort throughout your Brazilian waxing service.

​What to expect for your first Brazilian waxing service:​

Prior to the Brazilian waxing service, you will be asked to place disposable undergarments on.  This will help protect the areas that we do not want to get warm wax on as well as to help protect your modesty at all  times.  Please remember that this is a strictly professional waxing service, and our staff is educated and certified to perform this service.

The skin is prepped with a pre-waxing prep to remove the natural oils or any lotion residue that may interfere with your Brazilian waxing service.

During your Brazilian waxing service, we use two kinds of wax.  One is a honey or liquid wax that is used on the outer edges of the pubic area, such as the hips and across the abdomen.  In the more sensitive areas we use a high quality hard wax.  These hard waxes are designed specifically for Brazilian waxing and our staff is trained how to use these waxes.  This particular Brazilian wax goes on in a putty form, dries within seconds and then is lifted off the area offering minimal discomfort.

When your Brazilian waxing service is complete, an application of lotion designed for after waxing services is applied.  Our staff is trained to offer information of products that will ensure the best after waxing results to you.

Those who should not receive Brazilian waxing are:​

If you are using Acutane, you can not wax at all.  The skin becomes extremely sensitive while using acutane and waxing may scar the skin.

If you have a circulatory disease, remember that waxing increases the blood flow in the area being waxes.

If you have warts, raised scaring or skin tags~ we can wax around these areas but not over them.

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