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Reiki Certification Classes

Class schedules are 2 consecutive 1/2 days or 1 full day.

Individual Reiki Classes involving one student are taught one Monday a month. Please call me at 315-777-4215 to inquire as to what Mondays are available.

See below for class descriptions. Class filled on a first come first served basis. Non-refundable deposit is required.









Reiki Level I Class  

2:30-6:00 pm  Saturday 

Designed for the beginner Reiki student. In this class you will develop and learn to scan and feel a person’s aura and chakras as well as the Reiki energy as it flows. You will learn how to treat any condition, physical, emotional and spiritual for people, animals and plants and become attuned to the first level of Reiki energy. This class will cover the history of Reiki. theory, meditation and hands on practice and the first attunement process. A workbook will be sent home with each student to use as a reference guide. This class completion prepares you for the Reiki Level II class. This certification will allow you to practice Reiki on yourself & others. An additional attunement is given with Reiki II

(See below) which allows you to heal on the emotional & physical level as well as sending distance Reiki.



                                                               Reiki Level II Class

10:30 - 4:00 pm Sunday 

The next step will advance you along in your Reiki journey. Learn how to access additional Reiki practices in your treatments, use Reiki to heal emotional problems, and send Reiki from a distance. This class involves an additional attunement, theory, meditation and hands on practice as well as access to the Reiki Symbols used in treatments. A workbook will be sent home with each student to use as a reference guide.

One day classes are held for a duration of 8 hrs., with two breaks in between class schedule.



What you will experience:

  • Assessing the energy field with Reiki scanning and beaming.

  • Hands on practice during classes.

  • The class combines lecture, discussion, attunements, meditations and experiential practice in a well organized, but relaxed program.

  • A detailed class manual is included, and upon successful completion of both practical and written test, a certificate is awarded allowing you to go forth as a Reiki Practitioner.

  • Information concerning Reiki and ethics along with what is needed to start your own Reiki practice.



All students are required to schedule a one-hour Reiki session with our Reiki Master. This will help you to experience what Reiki is and also to help clear your own energy alignment. The session should be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the first-class schedule. If you have had a Reiki session with our Reiki Master within 2 weeks of the class, this will be considered acceptable, and you would not need a session prior to the classes.


Other notes: Class times include a 30-minute break for lunch/snack. Some snacks and beverages are provided however you are encouraged to bring any food or beverage with you should you require any special dietary needs.


Should class be cancelled due to inclement weather, classes will be re-scheduled. Your instructor will notify you of any changes.


There is a minimal of 2 students per class and maximum of 4. If the class is full, you may reserve a spot for the next class. Private instruction is offered as well.


If you are already a Reiki I practitioner and wish to take the Reiki II course, you will need to provide your Reiki I Certification prior to the class.


Class fees are as follows:

$50 non- refundable deposit to hold your space in class. Must be paid one week prior to the class schedule.


Reiki I      $175 cash or check only

Reiki II     $175 cash or check only


Reiki Crystal Stone and Essential Oils Class - $50 This class involves other holistic modalities to use along your Reiki practice such as crystals, stones and essential oils. Class includes a Chakra Healing Stone kit and an informational sheet. You must have your Reiki Certification to attend this class. This class is a 2 hour class.


Contact the spa at 315-777-4215 to register for the courses or with any questions.



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