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 Young Living Aromatherapy

Purchase your starter kit a $350 value for $160 plus shipping and tax.  Follow the link below to get started!


Aromatherapy can be useful in so many ways. Essential oils have been used dating back to Biblical times for aromatherapy as well as for medicinal purposes. At Harmony Day Spa  we incorporate essential oils into our services as well as infusing the scents throughout the spa rooms for both your relaxation and wellness.


We are proud to offer the Raindrop Technique. This session helps to relieve stress, balance the well being of the body, mind and soul. Young Living Oils are dispersed in a raindrop fashion along the back. The benefits of aromatherapy as well as steamed towel compresses and a unique back rub help to assist the penetration of these amazing oils. The benefits may be felt for several weeks.


You owe it to yourself to experience this very beneficial and unique wellness service.  Click on the Raindrop Technique on our menu section to learn more about this service.

Young Living Oils feature the finest essential oils in the world. Made with carefully harvested plants , these oils are the key to healthy living. The link below feature some of our favorite oils and blends, but be sure to learn what you can from the Young Living site about how beneficial essential oils can be for you, your home, your children as well as pets.

Essential oils can be worn for relaxation, manage discomfort or pain in the body, including headaches, sinus challenges, digestive issues and more. Some oils may be ingested ( be sure to educate yourself on which ones through the information provided for each oil) for weight control, detoxification and to flavor foods  and a healthy alternative to flavored water without chemicals or dyes.

Blends of oils can be used to clean and disinfect your home, diffuse in the home to purify the air as well as calm the senses for relaxation and stress management.

Have a favorite scent or would you like to start using essential oils for your wellness at home? Click on the link below to purchase your favorite oils or other products available through Young Living and enjoy shopping from the comfort of  your home and shipping is available right to your door!

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