Mountain Air Winter Facial, Leg and Hand treatment
90-minute treatment

Introductory offer $95
Reg price $135
Save $40

Surrender to the warmth of heated basalt stones as they are worked into the arms, hands, legs and feet with the added aromatherapy of Canadian Black Spruce oil. Calming for the mind, helping to release both mental and physical tension that we hold from stress. Your service continues with a clarifying facial that will help to brighten the skin and let your natural glow shine through. Complete with cleansing, exfoliation, extraction removal, hydration booster, ultrasonic toning and facial massage. This is a 90-minute session created to help you return to center again.

Energy & Space Special
Energy & Space Session $65
75-minute session

We always make New Year resolutions that often fade away within days of the start of a new year, but this year claim your space. Clear your head, calm your nerves and ground yourself with a special I created with you in mind.

A unique whole-body experience that will ground you and release body stiffness helping to calm the mind.

Your session begins with warm towel compresses infused with lavender and cedar wood essential oils. As these warm oils are worked into the skin. You’ll feel your muscle and mental tension subside.

A salt scrub ritual on the feet helps to balance the central nervous system and ground you. Halotherapy modalities are used on the back and legs along with jojoba oil and can aide in the skins alkaline level to balance, creating subtle and glowing skin and helps to replace 84 trace minerals in the epidermal layer of the skin.

Your session finishes with a scalp massage using essential oils that help reduce over thinking, chatter and mind overload.

Are you ready to create your very own Energy & Space?

These specials are valid through March 2022