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Aromatherapy Diffusers are available at the spa and range from $65 and up.


Join Young Living and purchase the Premium Starter kit including 11  5ml oils , diffuser and samples of Young Living products value $350 for $160 plus s/h & tax.


Go to the link on the bottom of this page, click on Join Young Living. Only those choosing a Wholesale Account may purchase this kit. Use code 1382209 in the enrollee /sponsor field to activate.


You may join as a Retail customer using the same code, however all purchases will not relect any discounts.



Harmony Day Spa is proud to use Young Living oils in our services as well as our aromatherapy for your relaxing enjoyment.


Young Living oils can be used for aromatherapy ,skin application, internal consumption as well as  to clean with and detoxify your home.



Want to experience the oils first hand?  Try the Raindrop Technique or the Aromadome Session. Both are available on our Unique Spa Services page.


Why do we use Young Living when there are so many other oils available?


Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils across the globe. They are the only company to offer a Seed to Seal Promise.


Young Living has several farms across the world. The farm closest to us is in Canada where they grow the Northern Lights Black Spruce.


What does this mean for you? Young Living hand picks the seed, plants and harvest the seed without the use of pesticides or weed control chemicals, and then picks the plant, flower pedal, bark, resin or root.


They then bring this to the distillery and steam distill the harvest. To give you an idea of how labor intensive it is to produce one bottle of oil read on.


To produce a 15 ml containing 250 drops of oil it takes:


Lemon essential oil takes 75 lemons


Lavender essential oil takes 27 sq ft of lavender


Frankincense essential oil takes one drum filled with resin from the tree


Some of the oils that are labor intensive cost more such as the Frankincense. A farm worker scrapes the bark from the tree . As the tree heals it produces a resin or sap. Another worker collects the sap in a large drum. The sap is then distilled and the oil is produced.


None of the Young Living oils contain anything other than pure unadulterated live plant oils.  99 percent of other essential oil companies use less than 4% of a pure extract, often derived from a dried herb. Young Living essential oils are 100 to 10,000 times more potent than any dried herb. Other companies then use 96% of chemical additives such as fragrances and perfumes. Young Living is so pure many of their oils can be internally consumed. Many other oils ( other than Young Living)  will even state on their bottle not to apply them to the skin.


Each bottle of oil has a control number on them and you can actually call Young Living and they can tell you what farm the oils were distilled at.


All 15 ml bottle of Young Living oils contain 250 drops, 5 ml bottles contain between 75 and 90 drops. These oils are very concentrated so often less is more when using the oils.


One drop of peppermint is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea. One drop of lemon is equal to 1 tbsp of lemon juice.


Young Living oils are affordable and will enhance your everyday enjoyment for the body, mind and soul connection. They are safe to use to create a toxic free home, they are safe for your children and pets. Diffusing in the air, adding the oils for cooking enjoyment or simply making your own healthy lotion and scrubs, Young Living oils will enhance those experiences for you.


We have a variety of oils available at the spa, or you may join Young Living as either a Retail ( full price) or Wholesale Customer  ( reduced price and save).

You may join Young Living by clicking on the Join Young Living link below.


As a Wholesale Member you have the opportunity to purchase the Premier Starter kit which contains 11 of your basic 5ml oils ,  a diffuser and samples of Young Living products. You can save 24% plus have the option to receive promotional Young Living products with required purchase.  This kit has a retail value of $350.oo and your cost is $160.00 plus s/h.


This kit will replace every basic thing in your medicine cabinet and basic non toxic cleaning for your home.


Do you want to learn more about the oils by attending a class or meeting one on one? Call us and provide your contact info. Advise us  if your preference is either a class or meeting one on one. ( 315( 777-4215 ask for Laurie


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