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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are a few guidelines in effect that will effect all appointments. These guidelines are regulated by local legislature and NY State inspectors.

When arriving, please wait until the OPEN sign is displayed to enter the building

Please wear a mask  or face covering, you may wear gloves or foot coverings if you wish

Please do not bring anyone with you for your appointment

Your temperature will be taken with a non-touch digital thermometer

If you have had the COVID-19 virus or in the company of someone who has had it, been outside the country or not feeling well please advise me of this information prior to your appointment since we may need to reschedule your appointment

If you are sick, cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are feeling better

Please use hand sanitizer provided prior to your service or feel free to wash your hands

No food , outside beverage , magazines or electronic devices ( Ipads, laptops) are allowed- You may place your cell phone in a plastic bag should you chose to keep your phone with you 

Currently no beverages will be offered during your service

Please leave all outerwear at the designated area by the door upon entry including purses or bags

Please bring the exact amount of cash or bring a check, credit cards are not accepted at this time

If you have any questions regarding any of the new guidelines, please feel free to reach out to me prior to your visit




 Safety Polices and Procedures 


Although it has always been my practice to ensure that when you arrive you have a clean and hospitable environment , I want to assure you of what measures I take for your safety before, during and after your treatment with me.

Because I work for myself and by myself, when you are here for your services my focus is only on your services.

I have broken down the categories of services and what my protocols and procedures are for you .

                                                                                                Nail Services:

* Sneeze guards are in place for manicure and pedicure services

* Disposable foot and nail liners are used for all pedicures and manicures to ensure no cross contamination ever occurs.

* All implements are thoroughly washed with an  anti bacterial soap and then soaked in a AHP formulated disinfectant. This disinfectant ( HLD8)  is a high level disinfectant that works in 8 minutes.

* NO same implements are used from client to client without the proper disinfectant procedure. I have several implements and no two are used the same in any given day.

* Upon request, I do offer one complimentary nail kit which consists of nail file, nail buffer and wooden cuticle stick if you prefer. If you wish to have your own kit please ask. The kit will be cleaned and given back to you to bring to your next appointment. When the nail files become dull, you may purchase another kit for $3.00. The first kit is complimentary to you.

* I wear disposable nitrile gloves for both manicures and pedicure treatments. I do not use latex gloves for those having allergies to latex.

*Your hands and feet will be soaked in a warm water bath containing sanitizing ingredients.

* Fresh towels are always used for each service. Towels are placed in a covered hamper and are washed in hot water and detergent throughout the day. No towels are cross used from service to service.

* Designated towels, linens and wares are used for each and every service, ie: nail towels are not used for body treatments or facials etc.

*Surfaces are wiped down before and after treatments following close disinfectant and sanitation guidelines using an EPA registered products that are also safe for the environment.

*An HVAC input and output ventilation system is used for the treatment areas.

*Seated areas, hand and arm rest,equipment, tables, bathrooms, toilet seats, faucets , hand dryers, door knobs and floors are all either wiped down , vacuumed or swept in between all clients.

* Hand sanitizers are offered in each room of the spa including at the front door prior to your service.

* Disposable cloths are used in both hand and nail dryers to place the hands and feet on.

* Nail surfaces are cleaned and sanitized prior to all nail polish use.

                                                        Facial and Body Treatments, Waxing and Facial Services:

*Designated towels are used for all body and face treatments. No same towel is reused for different body parts, IE: a towel placed on your feet would not be used on your face .

* Nitrile gloves are worn to accommodate varying services between all body treatments. Gloves are changed and disposed of in the course of  a full body treatment between the face and feet .

*Gloves are worn for all facial and body treatments. While any treatment is curing and the technician steps out of the room and then returns to finish the treatment, new gloves are used.

* Disposable treatment table paper is laid down for all clients including disposable head rest and pillow coverings for waxing services regardless of how much time the waxing service takes to complete.

* One time use wooden waxing sticks are used for each wax dip for all clients. No stainless steel or plastic spatulas are ever used.

* Wax pots are covered during non use and wiped down after each and every use.

* Gloves are worn during  all waxing services .

* Waxing linens are changed in between all waxing clients and removed from the room after the service is completed.

*Hooks are provided for the client to place their clothing on prior to treatment as well as floor mats to place their shoes on.

*Facials implements are washed with an anti bacterial soap after use, soaked in a disinfectant solution and placed in a UV light sterilizer prior to the next use. No same tool is used from client to client without the proper sanitizing procedure and protocol.

* Glass implements after disinfected are stored in a glass container filled with 90% isopropyl alcohol.

* Fresh linens, towels, sheets and spa wear is used for each and every client. 

* Used linens, towels, sheets and spa wear are  placed in a covered hamper and taken out of the treatment room at the end of all treatments and placed in a designated area and prepared for laundering . The hamper is washed with a solution of 1 tbsp bleach to one gallon of water after all soiled linens are removed .

* Essential oils are utilized in the spa to clean the air in addition to the HVAC Ventilation system used to circulate the air ad remove dust particles.


* Surfaces are sanitized and disinfected while the client is still in the spa  for peace of mind that all areas are always clean and disinfected.

*Glass beverage cups and glasses are offered and cleaned in a dish washer prior to next use. Disposable cups are offered at all times.

* You are welcome to bring your own face mask to wear as any precaution you feel personally to make .

* Floors are swept, vacuumed throughout the day and moped each night. Door handles are disinfected throughout the day as well as  phones and keyboards . 

                                                              IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER AS A SAFE APPROACH FOR ALL :

* Please remember , IF you are sick ,  please cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are feeling better. This practice is a responsible approach for you, myself and all clients that frequent the spa.

I proudly use Rejuvenate and have met the requirements for certification to responsibly use this product in my boutique spa.


 Rejuvenate is a hospital grade disinfectant and will disinfect in as little as 1 - 8 minutes depending on applications instruction and  works up to 10 times faster versus other disinfectants.

Rejuvenate is safe and is backed by the EPA's highest ratings for safety for human contact and the environment. It is non toxic, non irritating to eyes , skin and is odor free. There are no hormonal or fertility risk when using the product and no special handling or storage requirements are needed. Using this product does not require PPE ( personal protection equipment ).

If you ever have any questions , feel free to reach out to me either at the spa  ( 315) 777-4215 or through email contact at

Your safety and well being are always my first priority.

D. Laurie Ferringo


Harmony Day Spa LLC where Healing and Wellness begin....

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